Saro Nova

vocals and poetry renovation

Edmond Thorose

keys and precious metals

Danny Sandwell

drums and software solutions

Gary Justice

bass and Conscious community

Kirill Savranskyi

accordion and a young family

Two Armenian-Canadian friends Saro Nova and Edmond Thorose started a Charles Aznavour cover band in 2018. They were soon joined by Danny Sandwell on drums. Along with various bass players, SNB began writing songs that were influenced by French chanson, 1960’s bossa nova and the international alt pop they were surrounded by in Toronto.

SNB’s 2021 debut release “Topical Weather For The Tomorrowman” attracted bassman/ songwriter/ producer Gary Greenfield Justice, who joined the band’s writing team in 2022 and directed a performance video of SNB doing “Where Lyla Lies”. The video introduced Russian accordionist Kiril Savranskyi who had just moved to Toronto after a two-year stint of lounge gigs in Hong Kong.

“Where Lyla Lies” explores the sometimes troubled but delicious intensity of a high chemistry/ high conflict relationship, while remembering that love is always worth it. Or maybe sometimes it isn’t?

SNB strives to penetrate the dark and the light side of being human, while exploring European, Brazilian and North American music culture.

In the summer of 2023 SNB will focus on Toronto and Montreal while planning for tours in Europe and Latin America. The group is creating some unique shows for the near future. SNB will be doing twin bills with comedians, dancers and doing short winery tours.

We may see SNB in some theatrical presentations and featured in a Montreal produced video game in 2024. A new thrill for the band has been doing intimate house concerts in between studio dates creating the next release in ambisonic sound.

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