Bossa and Me


Joao Gilberto

was first exposed to bossa nova music while playing with a tuxedo-clad hotel lounge group called Hot Pepper, and can hear it in SNB’s songs.

At the time I was doing it as a hired young player and focussed on how to apply what I learned from Berkeley College bass method books, to this simple and beautiful music style.

On vocals we had Maria Paz from Spain. Her Peruvian husband, Federico was the musical Director/piano player and his brother Ricardo (who wore a pencil moustache) was on Drum kit. At some point Maria had a baby so we had two more to our touring group – the baby and a nanny.

We toured Holiday Inn and other things usually staying for two weeks in each city.

Maria’s  husband, Federico Young was the musical Director/piano player and his brother Ricardo (was on Drums.

This sound evolved in the 60’s as Europeans (then North Americans) discovered the work of Brazilians Antonio Carlos Jobim, Joao Gilberto, Astrid Gilberto, Stan Getz and others.

These rhythms and textures have become a warming, familiar element in today’s pop, jazz and urban music. Today. Japan is one of the leaders in fresh Bossa Nova.

So this is a show of appreciation all to the people who started it.

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