Poetry: A Long Walk

  1. A Long Walk

I took a walk along

Rustling fields of wheat

Tall and proud for a nearing harvest

A constant breeze

Offering subtle resistance

Rippling from the sea,

Wearing blue with appetite.

Borne in the sky

A small hawk

Stays in place:


Eyeing a vanishing prey;

How unmoving the landscape

With only waves of chaff and seed,

Like the sea it skirts below.

I walk along

A long way still

Yet I’ve gone nowhere

In particular,

Not to any destination

Not as fast as the birds

Swooning, dipping, gliding back

Over the water

Around the budding fig trees;

More like the bees

Bristling about a flower

Parking inside petals,

Orange blossoms, tucking in

To nectar, perfumed regalia, blooming

The fragrance of life teeming

Without subtitles.

Nature never moves

From its place; it sways

Like a dancer thinking wordless

Ever-evolving, undressing

Cycles of still slowness

Unfolding beauty,

Producing without ego

Minting new definitions

From the ephemeral;

Naked, without address,

Waking each morning

Without questioning consciousness.

Life is not a driven wheel:

Another day unravels in stasis

Bending over eventually

Bowing essentially

Under the weight

Of its own abundance:

Unafraid of the impending

Doom of night

Where we all fall quiet then,

Like saps,

Obedient to the curfew,

No longer shuffling by decree

Nor hustling by demand;

The paranoia of contagion,

The hysteria that is only

The prerogative of the bi-pedal.

And I’d forgotten

So much of this

And I’d neglected

Though the road has been unflinching

That I was even on this walk

That I’d always arrived here

Balancing, in my place;

No distance is afar

When you suddenly

Recognize Paradise.


Saro Nova (April, 2020)

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Saro Nova
Saro Nova
SNB Lead, singer/songwriter.
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